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Germany's green party puts forward a candidate for chancellor for the first time in forty years royal summit might be looming to decide the future of the monarchy. Us president joe biden gives a little boost to tokyo twenty twenty olympic games and we speak to a pet detective investigating the rise in doc theft india k. Monaco's editors tackled those topics today on the late edition here monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to the late edition here on twenty four. It's monday the nineteenth of april. And i'm carlotta rebelo. I'm today by our regular monday. Do here in studio one atma house in london. I'm joined by monocle. Twenty four senior correspondent fernando circle and on the line from london as well. I have the dulcet tones of our editor in chief andrew. Talk welcome both back to the show andrew. Perhaps we should start by explaining to our listeners. While your voices coming remotely today you've been on one of the lucky ones. You've been traveling telling me more about it. Well it'd be many months inside been to other. Hq in in zurich and hadn't seen chairman and editorial director for some months either. So last week i went because we have quite a few things coming up that needed to be discussed. Maybe and trying to on zooms and things and you kind of realize the gaps in your knowledge when you're doing this so i went last week and it's a complicated thing going to switzerland these days in the past. I used to get up early in the morning. Go and see the team there and be back in the evening eden but now it's five covid tests to get there and back if you don't do a full eight days according to you when you return so tomorrow morning. I have my early release test. Which hopefully by the day means. i'm. I'm clear to leave the house but then you still have to have another one. Three data uconn dodge the eight day one as well also in total six hundred pounds for tests. Just go and come back and you lose some days. But i've tried to make the most fair thing. Actually this is a good moments. Be fixing and thinking about some things while it's not been too bad but my god. The days of easy travel certainly vanished. Almost makes me feel nostalgic. I saw photo that you shared about a from airplane window and made me feel so nostalgic. I miss that view. Well i feel like between you and fernando. I'm living like the two sides of easing of lockdown. So you've been traveling and fernando just gonna haircuts wells. Was josh happy joshua's hairdresser. He's been talking a lot about josh lately. Well absolutely i know josh. He was mentioned on on the late edition last week as low and he's been mentioning today. I mean it is an emotional moment and you know what i think. It became actually emotional talking to say josh. You are essential. You know like i was not looking. I mean of course was looking forward to drink to have a haircut even more and he gave me some new. not new. Tips said he likes to length of my hair. But of course the side's definitely need some some attention so yeah very happy today. The hard hitting news here on the late edition. We'll keep you updated with fernando's hairstyle throughout the next weeks and months fernando andrew. Thank you both for joining me here on the late edition today. Well let's head over to germany now. Where the green party has announced a candidate for chancellor and elena beer is the first time and the greens four decade history. That the party has put forward a candidate to run as chancellor. Well anna rosenberg is the head of europe and uk at a consultancy signal global and he spoke to us about this on the briefing earlier today as degrees made their announcement as we speak bebel caspian announced as the leader of the green and she is now. Basically going to become germany's most important and influential politician. Female politician after michael which is actually quite surprising. Given that we're talking about a forty year old new kid on the block that you know not many people have heard of before she was very much or is very much a party inside it so she's worked to up as through through the ranks over the past couple of years very much focused on green politics and policies over the years. But she's now really going to be quite influential as we're heading into the elections could potentially even become the next center that's not our base case but nevertheless she's going to shape how germany will look like in a few months down the line anna rosenberg. They're speaking to us earlier on the briefing. Fernando what are your thoughts in general on anna. Lena burbach and the green party Because it's it's actually a good thing. I think that the cd has a bit of competition this time around and a new name is entering the political sphere. I find it quite interesting. And i was reading a bit more about an lena. First of all she's very young You know she studied acting in london. The london school of economics and is interesting. Because you're right. Because i think without the green party. The german election would be kind of a done deal. The cd ucs you kind of coalition would definitely win but you know who knows the greens. They are actually quite close. If you look if you look at the polls and i was talking to a german friend recently. I think the green party in germany is different from other green parties around the world. Because they don't only deal with issues relating to the environment. I think they look at business. They look at women's rights their menu order kind of and you know what some some business in germany is very well respected party So i think that counts lot To dan is all they have a very long tradition to vote for the green party in germany. So yeah. I find quite quite quite exciting. She does have some interesting things in her biography.

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