Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Moved to Prison Hospital


Alexei navalny the jailed reason. Opposition leader has been transferred to what authorities are describing as a prison hospital. But what is supporters. Say is just a different jail with some medical staff onsite. Navalny has now been on. Hunger strike for three weeks after he was refused access to a civilian doctor for severe pain in his back a numbness in his arms and legs. His lawyer says he may be close to death. After blood tests from independent doctors showed dangerous levels of potassium could cause heart or kidney failure. Joining me is natalia. Vassily ever who is moscow correspondent for the telegraph the talia. Thanks for coming on the show. What do we know about navalny's conditioned. Today i give having me Will the most peaceful information we have is the blood tests that you have. These blood tests were taking Onsides at the prison where is serving his prison. Term on Independent doctors have looked at the test and said that the petition station but they seem levels are too dangerous and will win with a patient with levels like that they should be treated in intensive care but again so far and independent doctor has not been allowed to see him and He has been transferred to another prison. Which has bigger medical facilities But again we still don't have enough information about his condition at this point.

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