12 European Soccer Clubs Announce New Breakaway Super Leagues

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On sunday. The world of soccer was rocked by the announcement that some of the biggest clubs in europe are forming a super league not unfortunately to fight super villains but to play very lucrative soccer matches against one another. The owners of the proposed twenty team super league spun it as a way to help fix what has been broken about the wife of champions league and take soccer the next level there are twelve breakaway clubs so far three from italy event is inter milan and a c milan three from spain. Barscelona real madrid and let it go. Madrid and six from england manchester city manchester united liverpool chelsea arsenal taught name hotspur spurs just fired head coach josie marino finally making him the first coach sacked in the super league era how exciting the blowback to the super league announcement has been swift and harsh a monday for president. Alexander shefrin called breakaway owners. Snakes and promised that players on those clubs who play in the super league will be banned from participating in the world. Cup or the euro's on sky sports monday night football former player and coach gary neville issued basically a call to arms to all english football fans players and coaches to stop the super league the trade monopoly. A closed shop atonement. Where you're to be in western molester in champions league places forget it. They don't get into the champions league anymore doesn't matter where they finish in the league was the point they take away everything in this country. The pyramid the sincerity of competition the state integrity of competition that we value and the taking it away. Yeah we know that. Monday nights have got more money. We know liverpool of moment. And we know the moment we can live with without. They'll always be top clubs who have more money but they can be beaten by sheffield united. Oh mickens role with fulham and trying to take that away to create franchise football. Never it can never happen.

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