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A Slob Comes Clean


Hi janine how're you doing good. Thanks going. I'm so glad that you're here. I'm doing really well. And you are aware and oakland new zealand. In auckland i have been there. I love new zealand. I it's it's one of my dream places to take my family back to because you know i have teenage boys and it's just such an outdoorsy country i mean what is it adventure tourism. Is that what you call it. Adventure tourism being to lana before rapid. Wow this can be collected interest. Yes we did black water rafting which was under ground in a case. Yes what what was the name why guests. That's exactly what it was. Yes that's where i wish. I had a t shirt. I love from there and then it finally fell to pieces. Oh so okay. So let's talk about you. Tell me what your unique life situation. As i. I'm married and my late fifties notre an elderly mother nixed. Stogies actually comes into the problem. Okay past the whole situation. Got two dogs and have kept and to pass ride And tudo quite elderly and his lot of experience. Oh yes i'm really busy. I'm an artist in fulltime full dis. Week it an shop. And i will say hit the of jobs on one of the days. Don't week plus my painting in looking keeping on ninety four year old man a busy

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