Interview with Duncan Palamourdas of 'Why Alex Beats Bobbie At Poker'


Got an awesome author and poker educator. Dunkin paulo mortis on the line with me. Dunkin teaches the mathematics of poker and poker education at ucla. He's written great articles for awesome sites like upswing poker news card player and is written his first poker book. Why alex beats bobby at poker. Thanks for joining. Alex worley ending dunkin. Absolutely it's my pleasure. Yes no aleksei. I mean we love. Alex i like. I like to believe that. I have a part of me in alex although i i like to think of her as you know the idealistic version i like to think that a part of me is is in there. So that's a compliment actually good good. I'm glad to hear in. And i have to say that. There's quite a bit of bobby in me. Still i played. And i'm a loser. But some of that bobby action. I'm i'm doing that occasionally on the felt all of us for sure it. Yes yeah definitely so thank you very much once again or you know doing this interview with me. I appreciate it now. Yeah definitely your book. You actually even signed it for me. And i really appreciate that. Rich and famous edition signed book. I really love this book and you explain. It's pretty obvious. You're a good educator right good at communicating your Your thoughts and your ideas haven't seen your actual presentations seminars and south via the written word. You really know your stuff. And i love how this book. So you're a math guy. But you don't overcomplicate things crazy. Tough math as you know poker. Math is pretty simple. Lots of addition subtraction multiplication division. But you didn't bog the book down with math and you did something great. Which was you took these two players. Alex and bobby alex at the top of her game bobby just beginning or maybe he's just kind of losing player. But you gave so many real world relatable examples that really illustrated all of your points. I i just. I thought i just gotta say it's an awesome

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