Foul Play at the Holiday Inn



In the nineteen seventies holiday inn was booming especially in tennessee. The company's birthplace good lighting free parking a continental breakfast the same look and feel inside and out everywhere you went for travelers from beyond the foothills of the great smoky mountains for visitors or locals returning to the town of maryville. The motel was a reliable roadside choice in july. Nineteen seventy four. The weather is hot and sticky. It is four years after vern store. Doc's murder a guy in his mid forties checks into the holiday inn and alcoa a stone's throw from the knoxville airport. This man has traveled from new york. City it was rather it was rather strange. He enters his motel room and closes the door days. Pass and nights. Maybe this is what happened next a motel employees. Maybe the maid goes that room with a pass key and find something that no motel employees ever wants to see inside your died in a motel tennissee. It was his favour hotel holiday and the man who died is john bricks. He was suzanne store. Docs second husband knew he was there and he'd been for some time before it was discovered that he died in their own.

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