Kate Quinn from US Bank Answers Questions On Careers, Motherhood

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Capers hall. Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me and answer these. Marc pleasure before we jump in love if you don't mind giving listeners a little bit of a background in your career because i think it's so interesting so poignant for the conversation that we're gonna have sure you know somebody once said to me that a career is a marathon not a sprint and i would say that is definitely been the case for me. I started actually in california in hollywood. I've worked in writing. I've worked in film editing. Believe it or not. And i am now a banker so you can figure out how i wanted to point day. You're better than i. But i just kinda followed the road and kept taking opportunities now. I i run most corporate functions strategy digital transformation at us. Bank having a great time. And i feel like. I wanna make sure mentioned too that you have navigated this career while raising children is that right is right yes i have. I have three boys. I have a twenty two year old son. I have a seventeen year old son. And i have an eleven year old son and i'm way too old to have an eleven year old but i have one okay. We'll let let's jump into these questions. We put a prompt up on instagram. And this was questions that we got directly from the community that i'd love to dig into with you and get your perspective on. Let's start with leadership so one of the questions that we got said. I never really considered myself a leader. How do you know if you are one. What do you think about that. Well that's a great question. I've never really thought about that. I i suppose the most literal if people follow you than your leader. Even if you're a mom and your kids are following you and you're doing what you say. Your leader i think if your friends are asking you for advice your leader. I think everybody. has elements of leadership within now.

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