Automate the Boring Stuff with Python,



Today we'll be talking about python. No not the snakes with al swaggart hail. Thanks joining us. Thanks for having me. Could you tell us about yourself as though we met on the first day of pie con at lunch. Yeah hey i'm al. I'm mostly known for writing python books The most well known is automate. The boring stuff with python and by a fifteen second description of that book is. It's sort of a programming book for complete beginners who may or may not want to become software engineers. But they're just office workers who are dealing with excel a lot but they'd like to learn how to program so they could write little scripts to automate all the little boring tasks that they have to do day to day. Excellence so i wanna talk more about finding the books you've written but i wanna do lightning round where we ask you short questions in. We want short answers. Are you ready. Yes favorite python module. I auto gooey which is also my own module but the more i've worked on it the more i've come to really love it. What python module doesn't exist that you wish did something that can vary intelligently scan for people's resumes and then converted to a standardized electronic format virtual cova dock to the virtual con can't con- to after virtual and no one can virtual end kanda docker or other and to use virtual end. Especially with the pip. M module i think pip m was finally the the module that made virtual environments easy enough for me to actually use day to day shade python. Be the first programming language that someone learns

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