Dozens killed after packed Taiwan train derails in tunnel


Let's Let's hear hear about about that that Top Top story story now, now, which which broke broke a a couple couple of of hours hours ago. ago. Big Big train train crash crash in Taiwan with several carriages that derailed in a tunnel in the east of the country. Many people are feared dead, according to officials from the fire department. Will only I heard from our cause wondering Taiwan, Cindy suit The train was carrying 350 people when it was traveling from Taipei to eastern Taiwan's tie Don't city and just north of Tidal city in a nearby County of Folly in it derailed in the tunnel, and several characters hit a wall in the tunnel. Now there there were were eight eight characters characters in in the the train. train. And And the the authorities authorities tell tell us us that that carriage carriage is is 5678 5678 are are so so badly badly damaged damaged that that the the rescuer rescuer rescue rescue workers workers cannot cannot get inside to to save the people. So far. The authorities say that The fire to fire department say that 26 people have been confirmed dead. But the Taiwan Railway Administration says the death toll is higher at 36 it, says 61 others injured. And 72. Others are trapped inside the train cars on and they given any more details as to the cause, how this actually how it derailed in the first place and how this crash occurred. Well, the authorities haven't mentioned the cause of the accident. They're still very busy trying to rescue the people trapped inside the train. But the local TV stations have said that this was a man made accident. They said there was a maintenance vehicle. Somehow fell onto the tracks inside the tunnel and hit the passing train. So you know, that's not surprising to a lot of people because in Taiwan to happen ah, lot of manmade accidents in recent years and including train accidents caused by drivers who were, you know, just not paying enough attention or speeding. And just, uh, you know, errors that went from the management down to the low ranking personnel.

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