A highlight from Mini-Ep 197: Mist Connections



Indeed you can dory indeed yes cassen. Well daury should freer kate spencer. You have been accomplishing what i strive for. Go on you have been removing twitter and facebook off your phone well. You don't have twitter on your phone i have. I have twitter completely blocked. So i can not look at twitter but i do have facebook on my phone and and we should say if you follow my instagram. You might know that was kicked off of facebook for reasons. Unbeknownst to me. But i am back on somehow but And still addicted to it. You know what turns out getting kicked off. Facebook didn't change my To use it. Yeah you know. I came to the conclusion that at least lately issue has not really been twitter. Okay it's been facebook Okay go on just like arniston. You know what it is because i. I barely participate on twitter anymore. So i'm never. It's never like in conversation with anyone. I just kind of like check in see what's going on and then i'm like okay by like it just doesn't hold my attention in the same way whereas on facebook. I'm now in all of these groups. And i feel like this. I've just fallen into mark zuckerberg's trap because this is exactly what he wanted people to do. He wanted people to join these groups at the never be able to get off facebook and there are a couple of groups in particular that were like you know by cell groups local buying buying and selling groups and i was finding myself getting kind of like caught up in the excitement of people doing these like big sales and i was like why am i driving all over los angeles to pick up like a five dollars shirt. You know what. I mean like the carbon footprint of that is like not great And i don't know on the one hand. I am trying to like participate more in the second hand economy and sell my own stuff and buy stuff second hand on the other hand the way these sales are set up. Where like the first person to claim something wins the item. I was finding very stressful. And feeling like i needed to be like tethered to my phone to make sure that i didn't miss. I'm like hot item. And i was like this is not good for me. I am not enjoying this. So i've kind of shifted my strategy with these buying and selling groups. Which is that. I will occasionally post and iso. I'll be like hey. I'm looking for xyz. Does anyone have one to sell. And then people are like. Oh i have this thing instead of me. Just like constantly checking these sales for something that i don't even know that i want or need but swept up in the excitement of like quote unquote bidding on. You're not really bidding. But like that's kind of what it feels like that when you win you get like this rush of winning something like ebay auction or something. That's exactly what you're describing. It reminds me of how. I'd get so focused on winning an ebay auction that i would bid way over what i originally planned on spending and then and then like the coming down from. That is kind of an awful feeling. Yeah and so. I don't know and just also like mindlessly scrolling through facebook just to see what people are talking about and like this is not serving a so i'm gonna take off my phone.

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