A highlight from Mini-Ep 198: What Is Time



Our thoughts on various prods pop culture recommendations. I mean it's all there. What if i just only recommended water bottles every two weeks in the newsletter. Like what if i am. I didn't notice kept asking you for product mutations and you just kept cool different gag it would be a good good but also you know. I do a lot of opinions about different kinds of water bottles. You know what you do. Cates water bottle corner will be coming to you in the newsletter. Because i'm using a different water bottle than what i recommended in our i re newsletter. That came out. So you can't stop won't stop using water bottles well daury. It's a big week for you. It sure is. It's henry's second day and that's called a flex option. Yeah it kind of crept up on me. We're having a little a very informal. Get together with some of his little friends not not the actual weekend of his birthday but next weekend and i've kind of been thinking about that again it's just gonna be like a bunch of people in a park like it's not anything that exciting but i was telling like oh i guess we should do something on his actual birthday to make his birthday field special even though he has no idea. What's going on so i don't know i ordered a cake that's great. That's great parenting work. Thank you so much but yeah it also has made me just think about this time last year when we were. We were little over a month into lockdown. We had a little zoom birthday party for him. And oh that's right. We made chose yeah within people made videos for him. I'm not going to do that again. I feel like people kind of got zoom birthday fatih. But maybe we'll do a little you know blowing up candles with his grandparents and some other relatives but yeah it did just make me reflect like whoa. It's been a year like he's now had two birthdays. His only two birthdays of his life have been in some kind of lockdown. You know like we're we're kind of emerging from it now but we're still in a pandemic. We're still in lockdown. People aren't least people. I know are not having like big traditional indoor birthday parties right now thrown out at third local mcdonalds and the place phase play place still london's he i don't know so it's just kind of made me like having those those time markers i think does make you sort of sit up in say. Oh wow it has been a while you know because otherwise we're just sort of like i don't know i think i think when you like take things day by day. It's a coping mechanism. But it's also like you don't realize how much time has passed because you're just taking things day by day you're not thinking about the past or really the future and then all of a sudden it's like oh shit it's been it's been a long time. Yeah it's been a full year and especially for henry who's only two it's been more than half is little life. Yeah half of his life has been spent in a pandemic. that's a lot that's life. Yeah i don't know. I don't have any other deep revelations about this. It's just been something that's that suddenly has been on my mind. I knew what my youngest daughter had had two birthdays in the pandemic because her birthday is right in the middle of march so it was like immediately right when we started quarantining. And then you. We've gone through it again this year and it's someone recently pointed out to me like for grownups like this pandemic is a year of our lives but like my life has been forty two years long but like for younger. People like my. You know my eight year old has been an eighth of her life or henry. It's been half his flight. Yeah that is a lot that is a lot and it's You know. I mean i did say to another mom the other day. Good morning when it was definitely two thirty in the afternoon so time. Yesterday i had to do some interviews for a story. I'm working on. And i didn't read my calendar correctly. Like i called one person a full half hour early and then call the next person. A full half hour early and went straight to voicemail. I was like oh. That's weird.

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