26 Year Old Father, Caretaker Dies in Alameda Police Custody


The family of an Allen need a man is demanding answers after 26 year old Mario Gonzalez died in police custody on Monday. Gonzales had a four year old son and was a caretaker for his 22 year old brother, who has autism. Family members save the Alameda Police have been withholding both information about Gonzales and his body. Alameda Police Department released a statement saying that Gonzales suffered a medical emergency while in their custody. Family members say the 26 year old was healthy and suffered no medical conditions. They want his body back so they can conduct an independent autopsy. George Galvis of communities United for restorative Youth justice charges. Police have begun to release statements to smear Gonzales, calling him a suspect and a possible theft. Office called the statement that continuation of the familiar pattern of criminalizing those killed by law enforcement in an attempt to discourage support and empathy.

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