Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine will remain in limbo a while longer


U. S. health advisers are telling the government to keep the Johnson and Johnson covert nineteen vaccine on hold for now while they seek more evidence into the rare occurrence of blood clots developing the U. S. centers for disease control hosted an emergency public meeting on the risk of blood clots developing after the J. and J. cobit shot was administered the health advisors say they need more data to first decide if the six cases of blood clots are from the shot and if yes then how large is the risk European regulators are looking into similar reports with AstraZeneca scientists dare say it's possible some people are experiencing an abnormal immune response to the vaccines forming antibodies that are disabling their platelets U. S. health officials say don't be worried by the flu like symptoms that often follow a vaccination it's severe headaches and severe abdominal pain one to two weeks after the shots that are under investigation Jackie Quinn Washington

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