Andrew D. Bernstein: Shooting hoops, a life with legends

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D bernstein mentioned in american spoiled photography and man enthralled by making pictures. I don't remember my children being born. But i remember my first print be involved in that eight to say that and i hope i kids. Don't hear those we talk about. The emotional states of being a photographer must be painters. Feel or anybody who works with marble united. You read about michelangelo you know. He always talked about that. He always knew when he saw block of marble that there was something incredible inside of it just had to come through him. We learn about what's drew him to one spot in particular. I guess basketball found me rather than i found basketball. Really we talk about the skills required for making pictures of spoilt that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's a fast moving game. But i gotta tell you. It's not as fast as ice hockey. And and i. I sort of honed. My skills shooting action shooting a lot of ice hockey shots about how to get the perfect slam. Dunk shows the big picture. Everybody wants what these guys can do when they're flying towards the rim almost defying gravity. Quite frankly and keep in mind again. That i get one shot at learn about andrew's during professional and personal relationship with the late great. Kobe bryant this kid was was something else. I mean i met him on media day. Nineteen ninety-six comes on my set. Eighteen years old. I never met him. I heard a lot of hype about him. Didn't spot by the black mambas. Kobe was famously. Known hundred talks about the highs and lows of making sport pitches and like kobe's i can't dwell in the shots that i didn't make you know because there's always going to be the next one about breaking into the world of sports shooting with the advent of social media all the websites that are out there all the fan sites. There's more opportunity. I think now if the talent is there if the drivers their stories of life told by photographers and today that photographer is andrew deepens. If you love a sport just don't stop shooting it. Don't stop

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