Giant Statues of US Presidents' Heads Are Crumbling in Virginia


If you're wondering who has both the patience and the skills to sculpt giant busts of every president. I'd like you to meet david aspects. Okay i was in world war two. Remember that one so all the papers. David's originally from texas but he served in the army air corps during world war two and that brought them to france he always been artistic kid who doodling in the margins of notebooks. But it'd be embarrassed in seeing it all as a young man said man. This is where. I want to be. So i finish service and then took my gi bill to do two years embarrassed. David addicts was primarily a painter. But over time he started to work in sculpture as well and in nineteen ninety-four four. He got his biggest commission to sculpt a sixty seven foot. Tall statue. Of sam houston. The city's namesake and former governor and president of texas in one of the things that david loved about sculpting sam houston was working on the head and specifically the is head is about twelve feet tall and i get looking in his eyes and i love the way it's gone looks right at you. It was a big job so in the middle of it. David decided to take a little break. Go on a road trip. Take a quick vacation to visit friends in canada and driving. Back home decided mount rushmore. Everybody knows what it is. But i've never seen it but man i was well by that in the sixty feet tall but disappointed that you couldn't get closer to them. Look in their eyes. The is to david. The is were what helped him make the sculpture more than just a piece of stone. And so as you looked up at the president's carved into mount rushmore. He got an idea. Wouldn't it be great to do the president. Not just the four of those but all of them were forty three hundred that and not that big sixty feet but the about twenty. So that's what they the idea of building a whole set of the president's heads

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