A highlight from Blue Fought A Butterfinger Goblin IRL

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Have you ever started playing with your phone and realize there's a little setting buried deep in many that you never noticed and that little tiny thing suddenly makes your life a whole lot easier. Yeah we do that all the time. I'm markus brown. The ak mgb hd. And i'm andrew manganelli and on our podcast wave form. We'll keep you up today on everything you need to know in the wide world of tech including all those weird tips that will make you just a little bit easier. Yeah we're always trying to help people like you. As well as all the hardcore tech nerds by going super deep on every phone. every smartwatch. every tablet connected car and laptop. We can get her hands on. Not only do we keep you informed on the latest tech though we also have interviews with special guests like shark tanks. Kevin o'leary and apple's craig battery so don't miss out on a single episode every week. Subscribe to wait for him. The hd podcast on apple podcasts spotify or through like us. You already have a favorite podcast app. Just subscribe there. See their fifth high. Behove you one munnings. Mr fruit and welcomed gee-gee episode eighty three and in today's episode. I bothered to keep track of most of the stuff we talked about. Not all of it including some of the stuff. The health things we had with rob we diagnose him. Yeah me but mainly we diagnosed rob live with a completely credible and definitely doctoral diagnosis I'm rebranding doctor. You we about that we talk about. Blues butterfinger goblin story the goblin around new league of legends anime. Coming up we saw as well as Invincibles this new convinced doing. Can we even call the cartoon and animated series invincible Yeah it's it's it's it's action animated cartoon animated series and adult animated show. I don't know if you call it that. But see then i say adult and it just seemed so. It's it's a it's a mature animated series. You can watch it with your parents.

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