What Separates Humans From Other Animals?


Animals. I mean my dog has a 401k. Also why do we pace. When we're stressed or anxious like in the bugs bunny cartoons. Somebody's waiting outside the delivery for so andrew came across a paper in the journal. Frontiers in psychology which. I was so charmed by that. You've read as we can talk about it. It's called acquisition of a joystick operated video task by pigs. How could i forget for the listener. I'll just explain. These experiments were carried out at penn state university. There were four pigs. A pair of yorkshire pigs named hamlet an omelette and a pair of panna pinto micro pigs named ebony and ivory. I guess after stevie wonder and paul mccartney or the song of that name or after piano keys and the paper describes what the pigs were and were not able to learn in these experiments manipulating video game joystick with their snouts. And what i really want to know is tell us how it changes your thinking as a psychologist if it all about non human animals their capabilities. The way we should think about them perhaps differently about ourselves differently. Well thank you for broadening. My academic horizons. I would not have read this paper on video games and makes were it not for our friendship so i i will just say that when i read this line i literally laughed out loud after twelve weeks of training. Hamlet and omelette were terminated from the experiment because they had grown too large no fit within the constraints of the test pen. Academic research is tough. You lose fifty percent of your research pool just like that so anyway now down to two test subjects by the way. So one of my intuitions is that one ought not an. I understand that this research is hard. But maybe not generalize to olive pig them based on this very small number of pigs because look at wilbur wright some pig yeah so maybe ebony or ivory were some one of them was much better than the other in the research so there's various across pigs even yes. It is

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