Nurture Your Soul With Creativity


Talking today about creativity and specifically about how you can nurture your soul with creativity. And don't you think that just feels amazing to just think of how you can nurture your soul with creativity fall. I think it does. And i think back to different times in my life when i felt like i was just really allowing myself to be creative every single day and that fed me that definitely did nurture my soul. Think back to the happiest times in your life. Does there seem to be any connection for you between your most creative times in your happiest times so as a i would tell you that some of my happiest times have been when i was spending hours creating music writing songs or even helping other people to be creative teaching music to my students teaching them how to play band instruments teaching them how to play drums teaching them how to just embrace their creative side in that truly fed me. I personally think that meditation can be a way that you can become more creative. And we talk about meditation all the time on the show but i think sometimes we just get so busy in our own heads in a lot of times it can be left brain stuff not so much the creative things and we can just get so busy that using meditation to allow ourselves that space so that we can nurture our soa with creativity. I think that can really be a huge key to helping you to be more creative and to enjoy your life

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