A highlight from Dawn Richard Documents Her Mother's Dreams


Oh yes indeed from npr music. This is all songs considered. I'm julie hide. Npr music contributor and editorial director of w and x p when dom rashard dropped her album. Second line an electric revival at the end of april. We couldn't dance club. So we celebrated the occasion with a live listening party and music's youtube channel glow sticks optional. He started at the top. And let the booming briskly syncopated beats bold otherworldly vocal manipulations and high-concept narratives transporte through all sixteen tracks. Then we impacted and we're sharing that conversation here when i say we. I mean rashard herself. Her mom debbie rashard former dance instructor. Who's speaking voice appears across the album and me the host. We talked about how dawn approach to electronic dance. Music is as rooted in the culture of new orleans as it is futuristic and how her desire to understand who her mom is how. She's insisted being herself gone after what she wants and lived her commitment to her community made her realize how much her mom has influenced her and this new album. The two of them had never done any sort of interview together before this and they really let us in. Since we're dropping this podcast and your feet on mother's day we're letting mom have the first word here as the little child. She's always business. Free spirits always no matter. What if i said this cryonics is rare. She was saying no mommy is blue and she knew. How can you argue with that. The new what my child was she always said you. Don't get me. i do get you know who you are at. You know i brought you here. I know you are you know. And i didn't know who she was. I just wanted her to everything else. Because if you know who you are in you see everything else. Then you can really become baton. What is your place here. You know. I'm not like everybody else but i have a place. It is my understanding evy. That you did not necessarily know you were on album until you heard you know. Your voice was narrowly on on this album. So i'm not gonna try and get you on each other or any gossiping or anything like we would love to hear each of your perspectives. On what kinds of conversations you were having that you know that sound came from and what role you each. See debbie playing on an album. Yeah sorry on a when. I said second-line in this album was new orleans. People were expecting it to sound sonically right like it with they don't understand. Is my mom speaking. Just her in that journey. That's the story. that's new orleans. Why are you from originally. When are you going to know when i was two years old. My mom and dad moved to new orleans. So when i wanted to bring to the forefront. It's through. The people is through the heritage. Not necessarily two abreast fan or with the. The story of of new orleans is us how he survived. And when i got stuck in the pandemic i was coming home to help. My mom had a knee replacement. And i wanted to help her. Be at at home nurse. I just to stay for a while. And i came here. And then the pandemic captain. I got stuck with mom and dad and we be here may within their own grown people. I am now grown person so it was it was tedious but it was also really great. If was my mom. And i had to have conversations and when i was realizing was i didn't know my mom other than her being a mother in a teacher. My mom was a purse. She was a young right a woman. I a woman. I a black woman i. I started asking a question about our past. My mom's been severe trauma severe trauma and yet. She walks as if he has none at all. She moves like if it didn't it didn't faze her and i always thought that was powerful and defined. What king creole what. I can't be a king. If i wasn't raised by one and i just felt like my mom moved in a way out here a stories when i asked my dad and i was like how. How many times have you ever been in love. She was it was so matter of fact. Your dad into that type of person to fight for that kind of life for your kids to show your kids specific type of love resonates to me in. That is a very new orleans. That is a very cajun girl. New louis or southern allergy to have But so my perspective was onassis jams. Let me pick these up fast. You don't gotta know. Maybe we just start recording. Real bears did she. She know you even recorded. Some songs asked will but she thought it was just a cute little interview. She had the phone on. I really didn't i. We were just talking. I asked you to actually week. I think yeah ask okay. I didn't like out right you. Well i mean. I'm interested in hearing you talk about debbie about you know how when you heard the final product when you heard the test pressing you know like what did you think about the role that you play as narrator on it and i mean both of you to how has sharing the story in the form of the album kind of change. The way that you that you see it the way that you see you know what. You've passed down generation to the next remember. I was a former teacher. That everything is a teachable moment. Yeah in her life always. She didn't beta no in the always that you want us to be perfect. No i don't want you to be perfect. i want you to be knowledgeable. That's what i want you to be. That's the thing. And that goes all the kids i've ever taught. I wanted them to know what life is so that they're able to function in it in a capacity that they may not have even see you know and as you grow older you understand when you're little you think that mommy's being mean and that kind of thing but you don't understand that is for a purpose in it was always for a purpose who i am and i couldn't take battle way and when we talk you know she very seldom asked me mom how you feel about xyz because they think they know me so well

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