There’s a Name for the ‘Blah’ You’re Feeling

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Many of you sent me this article that was written by adam grant so he is a organisational psychologists. He's often while i think a few times. He's been on armchair expert with docs record. Such great episodes highly recommend listening to them. He's such a great speaker but anyways he had this article in the new york times. That was all about languishing. And how so. Many of us are feeling this way. And he explains what exactly that is and some ways that you can get out of feeling that way. It's so funny to me. Because i often explain it as feeling blah because i don't know how else to verbalize it and that is literally in the title of this article. So it's called. there's a name for the blah. you're feeling it's called languishing. He describes it as being a dominant emotion of twenty twenty one. And it's interesting because they talk a lot about how when the pandemic i started and it was all over the news and we were on the super high alert mode. Almost like adrenalin was kicking in and we were like wiping down all our groceries and doing everything we could to you know. Follow the guidelines and stay safe and that has kind of worn off now and it's more so he describes it as dulling our motivation and focus. And it's not that were not staying safe now and we don't care about the guidelines it's more so that they have just become a regular part of our everyday life so we're not so much thinking about them anymore. It's just how we're living our life now like every time i get into the car. I'm using hand sanitizer without even thinking about it whereas before all these little changes to how we live our everyday life was a noticeable thing and it was a novel thing so we were constantly thinking about it and it was more of not exciting but it was just we were in that fighter flight mode and now it's just exactly what they describe it as it's very blah. It's interesting because they talk about how it can. Doll your motivation and your focus. And this languishing feeling makes it difficult to concentrate.

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