Tools for Building a Business People Trust


I'm talking to you today from my home in brazil where i live with my wife into kits. Let me start by asking a question to the other parents of that. Would you consider asking a total stranger. Someone you've never met before never even seen before to meet your kids after school kids in their car which by the way you haven't seen either and drive them halfway across town even just asking that hypothetical question freaks me out and ask you another question. Would you invest in a business. That does that have strangers having gates around town. It seems like an absurd leeann trustworthy value proposition and impossible. Business plan doomed to fail. Doesn't it while this may come as a surprise to you but becky twenty fourteen. Three months started a company called up skipped drive with with this exact model. It's served one million customers and in february tented went twenty raised twenty two million dollars and expanded to several cities in the. Us is the business foolproof. Well known business is but it's good enough to keep growing. How did they do that. How they create trust in what many of us believe is one of the most inherently untrustworthy situations possible. The short answer debut trust in the overall system customers necessarily trust husky. Drivers that will be relational trust but the trust the hop skip drive system what we call systemic trust and that's what makes it work. I am fascinated by this. He ain't brazil people. These days tend to say that. Trust is a rare commodity. I don't think we are alone. Trust appears to have broken down all around us and yet the concept of trust has never be so fashionable

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