Fashion Designer Norma Kamali Spills Her 3 Pillars of Wellness



Are honored to have iconic american designer cumali on the podcast this week. Norma is seventy five and has been in the fashion industry for over fifty years in this episode. We cover norma's career path her pillars to health and wellness and her approach to aging with power as well as the launch of her new book. I am invincible. So we hope you guys love it as much as we do and stay tuned for norma's popcorn recipe unreal. We have so much to talk about your book. Your pillars your age with power. We're i'm so into it. I'm so yeah let's just jump right in. Can you tell us. I your three pillars to normalize the whole idea of a healthy lifestyle is based on three pillars and it sleep diet exercise and if you have a high of the three sleep is fifty percent of the pie sleep is critically important for restoring and you have to restore same day like you can't miss sleep and then make it up on saturday not gonna work because you really are turning ourselves every day. You're breaking down your immune system getting broken down to you. Need to really rebuild restore and nothing does better than sleep. In fact a very prominent doctor told me last week that the best results of the facts seeing the covid vaccine from anywhere is sleep. That if you have the vaccine and then you go to bed a new sleep as much as you can. You will get the best results. And i at seventy five. Made it to the front of the line. Ladies my sneeze the second vaccine from madeira. Knock me out. And i'm like i'm like the energizer bunny and i deci- of work to do when i was meeting with contractors to fix a house and all of a sudden i feel like rule and i slept for eighteen hours gun. What so sleep. It's an example of how importantly visited diana's exercise you know everybody knows that exercise is critical. Having physical activity and being engaged every day in some physical activity is critically important and also exercise where you try to get to the next level to try something a little bit more thing works on our ability to take on. Life's challenges may be. It's at work or maybe it's just challenges that have to do with life itself when we know we can do it in exercise it really gives us a subliminal confidence about doing it in other aspects of our lives and diet is simple. I mean you have a budget for food. We all eat more than we need to eat. And if we ate last but better quality food your diet than just falls into place. I mean everybody knows sugar socks and you don like everybody else. What's good and bad that we are past that lesson but eating better quality and less of an binding different patterns may be like intermittent fasting. Whatever it is sleep diet and exercise doesn't have to cost you a penny more than what you're spending and you can even save money if you do these things right and and you can start right away. You don't have to wait for a message from whatever guru you're paying to get In the right direction you can do it yourself today

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