Self Care isn't Selfish


In the world today. People are running hard. They're running fast. Many people are so focused on taking care of those around them be that their children their spouse their clients their teammates their students or their patients. The they're not taking good enough care of themselves. I've even recently heard about a nursing school adding a course on the importance of and how to take better care of ourselves as a part of the nursing school curriculum. What they're recognizing is my point for you today and that is that self care isn't selfish so many times when we want to be outwardly focused we forget about ourselves. And so what i want to do. Today is not only sell you on this idea. That self care isn't selfish but teach you a little bit. Give you some ideas about how you can start to do it. Here's a shortlist. First of all remember. That intention is a habit override however stressed however frustrated however tired you are feeling now. It's because of the habits that you have. It's about what you're doing that's giving you that result and so if you realize now that that's not working for you you have to create new habits and it starts with your intention. Our intention is to say. Oh i gotta get out of autopilot and try something different. Which leads us to creating new routines or new habits so that we are creating a habit that will support us being healthier will support us. Being stressed will support us getting better. Rest whatever that might be so where you might be short and then intentionally say. This is what i need to fix. You don't have to try to fix forty one things but maybe there's one or two key things that can make a big difference in your in your habits next make time you may be saying. Kevin sounds good. You don't know how busy i am. You're right. I don't but i know what's on my list and i know that if i don't make the time for myself even if it's small amounts of time whether that be exercise a mental relaxation. Whatever it is. If i don't make that time it won't find itself. We have to be conscious and make that time. Do what feeds you. Maybe that's reading. Maybe that's zoning out with tv for a short time. Maybe that's a hab a hobby figure out what that is and do the things that will re invigorate. You will nourish you mentally physically and emotionally. Do what feeds you next. Focus on what you can influence. I know that the situation might be hard. I know that you might

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