Biden gives first prime-time address, hopes to be back to normal by July 4th


Vaccine. By May 1st. He's issuing the order to states, saying during a prime time address last night, it's possible to have a normal summer do our part. We do this together? By July, the fourth. There's a good chance you Your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout on the barbecue and celebrate Independence Day. During a speech Biden trying to draw a contrast with the Trump administration, and warned that the country can't let its guard down tone that Biden said was a really interesting one because he's trying to come out and project hope he trying to console the nation that has gone through a horrific year with unimaginable loss. But this also was a turning point speech the president trying to say Look The previous administration. He has made very clear he believes failed. And even though you know, many Republicans and some from the previous administration have said, Hey, we helped to get the ball rolling here. We deserve some credit. This White House staunchly disagree. That is Correspondent Mary Bruce Thean

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