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Looks like what our work looks like. You should come in either Give us a call It 212 choices for the new skin Cancer booklet or come in and pick up. Pick up a couple book this for yourself and your friends or loved ones to see what cancers look like. There's a lot of people have skin cancers. I don't know what skin cancer is often look like So it's very important to have knowledge of that and to learn about options. So for this world famous pianist she learned so much by coming here. Things should never heard about before for skin cancer treatment just because someone is a genius and brilliant in their field. Doesn't necessarily mean they're choosing the right medical decisions like Elton John, whose six year old son shows radical surgery when he could have come here had a higher success rate. Most likely and better chance of keeping the sexual life and urinary life and avoiding all those complications for this world famous Penis. She Hopefully will make the right decision by coming here learning about our treatment, avoiding and canceling that surgeon. The surgery's already scheduled on her mouth takeoff, probably a quarter of her lip. Wow. When here Our work is not invasive. It's a big difference for skin cancers. Whether it's basil, sour, squamous cell cancers. We have a high success rate without removing the body without moving your ear. Your nose, your mouth. So your eye And we've seen that I've seen people have lost their entire ear or their eye or their nose from skin cancer surgery. In fact, one of the biggest surgeons in New York who does amputations of noses, he removed the whole noses. That's his job. One of the biggest hospitals, he developed a skin cancer, and when he developed a skin cancer, he didn't have an amputation of his nose. He came to Dr Laderman. He came here to save his nose and save his life. And that's how it is. This is the work that we do every day. So even for the surgeons to amputate noses and mouths and ears and arms and legs when they have a cancer of their loved ones. Our destination is often 13 84, Broadway, 13 84, Broadway, Broadway

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