Lister's, including us into a separate crash on the inner loop of the Beltway after out five Branch Avenue


Connecticut Avenue should be volume to 77 down south of 109 Year crash was blocking the right lane. You're still jammed out of her Bana into Virginia and I live through lanes flow through Alexandria on the inner loop of the Beltway had some earlier delays from the total toward the Legion bridge. Still in play, nothing reported blocking in that stretch. 95 South delays Springfield toward Woodbridge that from the center for Parkway to the crash near 17 found with along the right 95 North Mandalay's leave Dale City and stretches toward Newington. 3 95 north Ventilation. The Pentagon toward the district line and across the 14th Street Bridge is with the stalled truck on the district side of the bridge, blocking the left lane I to 95 in the district North bound delays from Malcolm X evident to the works Sunday of the Suitland Parkway with a single lane getting by DC to 95 drop down jammed From Benning Road toward the crash. Just be on the district line, You're relatively New York Avenue single file Left squeezes by 2 95 South bound, slows Benning Road twenties Capitol Street. Then after Malcolm X Avenue, a separate crash with the single leg Getting by 3 95 South down slows out of the district's coming from the tunnel toward the Potomac River should be all volume there. Brought to you by America's best. Don't overpaid for glasses Get two pairs in a free exam for

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