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To that cave Elders. Come, Oni. Come on news time. 12 34 will get your forecast in just a moment. But first, let's check in with the demon logger up Traffic center. And the hits just keep on coming. You had a problem in the still gonna DuPont area north bound by five. Its center drive. We have a collision that's blocking the left lane. A lot of people hitting the roads and this sunny day and I'm seeing heavy traffic right now. I five North bound From about al bro, all the way past Lake City Way and again from the Snohomish area. 5 to 6 all the way through marries Ville. Also looking at some very heavy traffic I five in the South bound direction from five all the way through the coma on past joint base, Lewis McChord and getting into the Olympia area as well. Our next combo traffic at 12, 44 and forecast Here's Karen's on throughout the afternoon temperatures hovering in the upper seventies to lower eighties very warm around Western Washington. In most places, not so much to the north, but certainly for Everett southward of our temperatures tomorrow. Same story, upper seventies and lower eighties and lots of sunshine on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Clouds in the morning sun in the afternoon as we get more of an onshore flow. And they come with the cinema there inside. Come on, you sunshine and 69, now in downtown Seattle.

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