Why It Takes About 2 Weeks for a COVID Vaccine To Be Effective

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So one thing about vaccines that i at least feel like isn't being super. Well publicized the need to wait for two weeks after your last shot before you can consider yourself fully vaccinated. This goes for any of the vaccines you may be getting. So if it's a single shot. Like johnson and johnson you're fully vaccinated two weeks after that single shot. And if it's two shots like madeira or pfizer your fully vaccinated two weeks after your second shots. That is the official word from the cdc here in the us and is supported by infectious disease. Experts blunt uae. Exactly mark cameron and immunologist at case western reserve university who is instrumental in containing sars in two thousand three explains it's like vaccines are giving our immune system to do list which then needs time to complete. What's on the list. Quoting mashal one. Our immune system will gradually recognize the spike protein produced by the vaccine as an intruder to in response to recognizing this foreign spike protein. The body's immune cells will cooperate to start producing protective proteins called antibodies to protect you against the virus. If you're infected these antibodies bind to the spike proteins of the virus. Making it difficult or impossible for the virus to bind and gain access to ourselves and went inside the virus wheeler machinery to mass multiply. It's ineffective parasites. It's around the two week. Mark that the immune system is producing. Antibodies levels that block infections said cameron and quotes

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