Myanmar Is on the Brink of Collapse


The roads outside me on mars government offices are splattered with red. Paint protests against february's military coup or unrelenting and demonstrators are trying to shame the generals the paint red blood spilled as the army's campaign grows increasingly brutal and indiscriminate a week ago on state television the announcement. Twenty-three protestors would be put to death. Hundreds are already dead with the is undeterred. Strikes and boycotts are strangling the economy on the country's fringes rebel militias made ethnic minorities. That have fought. The government for decades are banding together and external pressure is rising targeted international sanctions are stacking up this week. The un's human rights commission lambasted. The army's crackdown the military seems intent. On intensifying its pitiless policy of violence against the people of myanmar using military grade and indiscriminate weaponry. They're clear echoes of syria in two thousand eleven. He'd an investment are all but frozen just. Today a south korean steel-making giant called posco said it would hold plans for a joint venture. The country is fast heading toward becoming a failed state but both sides of the conflict are dug in determined and seemingly fearless. The burmese military is gunning down people from all walks of life. Charlie mccann is the economists. Southeast asia correspondent students activists taxi drivers even children. They've killed scores of children and even in the face of that danger. People are still protesting in in big numbers. Yeah that's right that's still demonstrating but these administrations have gotten much smaller. Since the military started cracking

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