A highlight from BOX323: In a Gruesome and Terrifying Manner


I gotta take him to go get trimmed up and it is necessary. It's so traumatic for you. Let me let me tell you a little bit about cats something about cat. She loves the animals so much whenever she has to take any of them outside the house. It's a traumatic experience. It's almost like when she takes to get groomed. Well he put it this way. Last time she collected all of the leftover for and had it cremated. Well that's a thousand percent ally you one. What do you mean. That just makes me sound like a bananas. Wacko person right. She just buried for just the. He's so cute. When a splashy. And i just don't i don't know and then i have to sit there and stare through the window at them and i know i make them uncomfortable because i will not leave and just like face pressed to the glass sweetie look at me. Look me in the eye. Give me your hand. we'll get through this together. Okay except for. You've never come with me and you don't partake in taking care of them at all you just oh i wanted to last time but i m and then you had to sit down and watch. Tv own just quickly if you get a second go to our website the box of audits dot com and there's a link that says webby voting on it. We've been nominated for a webby award in order for us to win the listeners choice category. We need your vote. That's right so you can click on the web voting link at our website. The box of oddities dot com or any of the links that i put on social media. We appreciate it. Thank you so much anyway. Give me a story. okay so louisiana. We all know that. It became a colony of the kingdom of france and then in the seventeenth the late seventeenth century The war of spanish succession tied up all of france's resources and so the next years in france were struggling and they needed to figure out how to get people to go to louisiana to get that territory. A profitable for them right. At this point it was just a honk that they hadn't really had been successful with well like a chunk like a a land a land mass parcel a territory. Her so enter john loss. He was a scottish economist. And he served as the controller general of finances under the duke of orleans. Who was regent for louis. The fifteenth france now loss proposed to stimulate industry by replacing gold with paper credit and then increasing the supply of credit and to reduce the national debt replacing it with shares in economic ventures basically. He was selling stocks. That's incredibly forward thinking but he was also creating a setup where there was much more paper money rolling around than there was metal to back it. problem That's what he did here. He he convinced the french authorities to support a complex plan to create the country's first central bank within with a monopoly on national finance and the mississippi company so the mississippi company was what he was selling shares in he said about convincing the french people that louisiana was going to make them all rich. It's a land full of gold and spices and gemstones and furs and oh the the richest so little parisians know that louisiana the the french colony behind their their stocks essentially their shares was still very sparsely populated undeveloped. Swampland with about seven hundred colonists. Running the show. Wow so not full. Disclosure new no new. No and these colonists are not doing well. I say running the show. But i did. I really was exaggerating. Maybe more like hanging on by their fingernails. Right to and native american tribes offered essential support for those french living in the louisiana territory. They if it weren't for the native americans in that region. There's no way those colonists would have survived. They helped them with food and shelter and use the helped with being guides for expeditions to explore the region. Anyway in fact. I learned this. It's not really important to the story. But i think it's important for all of us to now okay jambalaya. The word jambalaya is a word of seminal origin is a yes no way. That's fascinating okay. Okay yeah so. The french are very interested in investing in louisiana right. They are jazzed about it but they are not moving here no so at this time. There's plenty of poverty in paris. Soldiers are returning home. They're having a hard time. Finding work farmers had experienced poor crop. Output people were moving en masse into the cities and unemployment was rampant. So many people who are unemployed were actually being imprisoned at the time to keep them off. The streets and sex workers were prevalent and oftentimes in and out of jail as well. So paris was rife with poverty and crime. Weren't enough french volunteers to settle the land. Despite promises of gold and furs and fertile lands and a abundant jambalaya stuff and jumble ally. So john loss was like i need people who want to go to louisiana. We've got all these problems in paris and so we came up with this plan. Who wants to go somewhere. Who wants to go anywhere prisoners. Sure so he says that's that is very. That's that's quite astute. Here's what we're gonna do. According to this. Royal policy of france is huge january. Eighth seventeen nineteen. We believe that we can do nothing. Better for the good of our state. Then to condemn convicts to the punishment of being transported to our colonies. Really the same place that they were selling the stock for. Yeah okay so. In september one sense there inflating the stock And then in the other sense there devaluing absolutely wow in september seventeen nineteen hundred. Eighty four female convicts were told to choose grooms from the same number of male convicts. They were forced to marry a mass wedding ceremony shackled together to buy two

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