Donald Trump Didn't Have to Be Irrelevant


Trump is irrelevant. He gives interviews that. Don't make headlines. He sends out statements that become the butt of jokes. sure he's got the era of congressional republicans but no member of the gop has the influence or the audience to be trump's messenger. Which makes him irrelevant. But this segment isn't meant to mock him. It's meant to mourn what actually could have been because donald trump didn't have to be irrelevant. Seventy four million americans voted for him in two thousand twenty like him or not. His voice matters to some people he could've spoke out in real honest ways on important issues without fear of polls and push back that guided so much of his value system in the white house. It is ironic that on the one year anniversary of trump wondering whether people could inject bleach into themselves to kill the corona virus. He told the new york post quote. I'm all in favor of the vaccine strongly. Strongly recommend it. Because it's a real life saver quote. Now he says this where was he. Months ago when the vaccine i came out while he was still president and his words could have mattered. It was even clear by his refusal to help distribute the vaccines. He wanted credit for pushing companies to develop vaccines but he didn't seem to care if they ever got into people's arms and new york and dc centric republicans. The main new york post audience. Really the people who need to hear this message. Could this be a stunt to make himself look better or any positive side effect that is just that of side effect trump could have pushed americans to get vaccinated sooner. Could've told americans that vaccines are safe. But he's so preoccupied with attacking. Lebron james and mitch mcconnell that he missed his moment to save lives now should know. Trump's message is a good one the vaccine is a lifesaver and maybe skeptics will take his advice. Which would be great for all of us. But it's likely too little too late because he's irrelevant and let's not just limit. The vaccine. trump could be relevant if he spoke to other issues affecting his base for structure. Biden's two point. Two trillion dollar infrastructure plan would benefit large swaths of trump's base. It would provide jobs to rural and suburban communities. It would repair critical infrastructure. It would expand broadband access and trump has good reason to support the biden plan because he actually pitched a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan just last year but that's just not trump. of course he's not advocating for anything that might give joe biden a win even if it helps his base because it doesn't help him so he condemns the plan and that's been trump's problem since he came down that infamous escalator at trump tower to declare his candidacy for president. Trump doesn't want to help others if it doesn't help him he doesn't push vaccines because many in his base are against them. He doesn't push it infrastructure plan because it's a democratic plant and he's still out going on fox to claim that he won the election and putin who's currently killing alexei navalny in prison is an okay guy so perhaps he should be irrelevant but has claimed political power is the paralysis that elected republicans have in breaking away from him against what the trump base is against. Even if it's not rooted in fact you can't be for policies that a democrat would support. You have to be cool with anti-democratic impulses like voter suppression. That's where the republican party is. Right now cova conspiracies. Defending the capital riot has overblown or committed by antifa. Blm thinking republican election officials in states that correctly. Certified the vote for joe. Biden are traders and frantically pushing legislation to make sure that never happens again but when this is what the party is about. How else could they possibly win

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