Supreme Court Affirms American Indigenous Man's Right to Hunt in Canada


The supreme court of canada friday ruled seven to two in favor of a washington state man who was charged with illegally hunting and canada more than a decade ago. Emily swing reports in two thousand ten. Rick data crossed the us. Canada border into british columbia. Where he intentionally hunted for elk without a license back in nineteen fifty three the last surviving member of desautels ancestral tribe. The cynics passed away in british columbia three years later. The province reclaimed cynics lands and canada's federal government officially declared the tribe extinct does to wanted to prove his people were anything but extinct. He was acquitted in two thousand seventeen but the province appealed twice and lost now. The supreme court of canada has sided with denzel via zoom defense. Attorney mark underhill delivered. The news to desa tell his wife linda and dozens of other cynics who had gathered to celebrate the rooms on behalf of canada. Welcome we want. This is the first time. The supreme court of canada has interpreted what it means to be an aboriginal peoples of canada in the majority opinion. Judge malcolm rowe wrote but cynics rights are protected by canada's constitution and that to exclude aboriginal peoples who were forced to move out of canada would risk perpetuating the historic injustice suffered by aboriginal peoples at the hands of europeans loggers miners and white settlers who moved into british columbia in the nineteenth century proved to be hostile. Neighbors and many strikes were forced to move south across the border onto the reservation of the confederated tribes of the call ville in washington state. Rodney causton is the call chairman. He's also cynics. He says his tribe will now work to protect cultural resources and sacred sites in canada. We will begin looking at are averaging title back to orlando are traditional homelands and also the recognition that we do have rights as the first nation in canada.

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