Portland police union president resigns over ‘serious, isolated mistake’ related to city commissioner


After making a serious mistake related to a hit and run instant that falsely implicated City Committee. Nor joy and hard to Steve Portland Police investigated and cleared Hardisty in the incident after identifying a 65 year old Vancouver woman as the person who actually hit another driver, March 3rd, near one 48th and East Burnside in a news release. The union did not elaborate on the missed a contractor made, saying only that it was not driven by malice. The mayor Ted Wheeler, the police commissioner, issued a statement demanding to know what the mistake was and calling for an internal investigation to clarify The Union's previous executive director, Darrell Turner, will now take over. His interim president in the wooden two of festival opens this Friday and will run through May. 2nd. There are 2 20 Acre fields of tulips for you to enjoy covered 19

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