Kansas Coach Les Miles Out Over Behavior With Women While at LSU


And hello and welcome back. We continue to talk about the situation in kansas Formerly lsu were less. Mild is under employed in case. You missed it earlier. The headlines of course have been screaming since last night that les miles in kansas have mutually parted ways. That's a rather benevolent way of putting less were shown the door. He had a disastrous. Run there but it was what happened. In two thousand thirteen at lsu that ultimately got him fired. Reuss feldman has covered less miles for a very long time in bruce. Thanks so much for the time shafran we want to talk to you about including your pizza just hit about the the nfl mock draft. But let's start with less miles not a surprise. But what do you think Finally pushed kansas over the edge and And did away with less after what has been coming out for days if not weeks from baton rouge untenable this the idea. Kansas jeff long's the ad there obviously sec. Fans will remember from his time at arkansas. It's just been an abysmal run. And the fact that has searched process get less miles there in the first place was kind of a jolt in kind of a head scratcher but now after what had come out from Over the weekend. And friday from the lsu part of this. I don't know how in twenty twenty one kansas could say. Oh yeah we're okay with that just even if you look at the wording on how jeff long explained the move last night it was just like we got to win more games. It was like wait a minute. There were some really Disgraceful actions that are alleged against less miles from his time at lsu. And i don't know how they could look the other way with a straight face and say okay this a guy who the lsu administration had clearly put some you know unique situations around him and stipulations in dealing with people and some of those allegations are so troubling and so disturbing. I really think they had no choice but to move on. And the wording parted ways whatever they just had to make a change and get him out of there. And i'm suspect at some point in the nazi just future an after avenue. Ad as well. Yeah that was. Obviously a lot of people are going now and you know jeff. Long didn't exactly distinguish himself at arkansas. Were shown the door there and surprisingly or maybe not. Surprisingly the program has been on fire under hunter year. Check but i mean how can you. How can you possibly keep jeff long on the job after mean and football's only part of the problem. The basketball program has been under fire for years. Exactly i mean there's issues with the ncaa and the basketball program ac- basketball is a bigger deal there than football. But i think in this. It's so many issues. That are layered together. And i think it's the tone-deaf aspect Jeff lungs long relationship with last miles The allegations in the things in those investigations about less. They are really disturbing. Act act especially as they relate to student workers there. I think it's really troubling and the fact that k. You in jeff. Along the way it was explained. Even if you look back i think over the weekend. Less miles attorney gave us gave a statement that i think makes may kansas look quite honestly even worse that they kind of knew about it and that they were okay with it was almost like well because other people were alarmed by now that it was that it was something that was like shouldn't have happened just because of the perception on it i just think it all of it is made that tenure. Look so sketchy. And i just don't know how your kansas how you don't kind of rip the band aid off at this point and say hey we gotta make a different a different move here. I just think right now you look at it yes the. Ncaa extended the dead period much longer. So they don't really have to rush in through this coaching search process. But who's going to be making the new head football coach higher in this. I mean this is a lot of stuff for the kansas administration to sort out as they move on not just from last miles but i think as they move in a different direction for. Who's in charge of the parliament.

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