How Brad Marchand Transformed Himself After 'The Lick'

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So florida. This was a pretty memorable moment for hockey for those who not remember it. Or don't know about it. Could you just explain the lick ryan callahan. The tampa bay forward at a collision with brad marchand in the playoffs and as layers. Do they come together. And they're talking and discussing fat cat. They're the right of your screen. And then all of a sudden sticks out his tongue and right up under ryan's knows across the lower part of his face are shed up to his usual antics eight of spite boston. This wasn't just like a little tongue. This was a proper lick right up from the gender. The knows there is some slobber there. Yes there is some sign. There's some spit. it was legit legit lick and martin had actually done something very similar to this just a couple weeks before. What was the reaction to these back-to-back incidents in the hockey world just shock. I think our last story. Today we turn to the age old problem of face. Licking gra generations. athletes have been involved in face licking. I don't wanna use that word but anybody who looks. Someone's face and obsessional. Sports league in my opinion is an idiot.

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