A highlight from Free Agency Signings for 2021 Fantasy Football


Joe dolan myself on the fancy feast. Podcast if you haven't previously. I've got an orange shirt on the day. Joe has an orangish hat so for you to see that momentarily andrew. Brandt was awesome on raw soccer. Football podcast this morning talking about free agency thus far which actually technically doesn't start for two and a half hours. What an absolute joke. As far as the podcast man. I mentioned draftkings and the insulate tournament. You've got to listen. To what steve fezzet and my new best friend. Brad wachtel said about march madness where you should put your money. How you should do your brackets. These guys know they know. Make sure you're listed only like twenty eight minutes. Make sure you listen. The star of this show. Joe dolan already referenced. Him most of you already know that he is the number one ranked fantasy analyst according to fancy pros dot com over the last five years. He's got the orange chat. Which i think sort of clashes with your reddish pink shirt if being honest joe well ross it. You know we're we're. We're both wearing orange. Because it's st patrick's day. Obviously that was that was that was our coordination. Now i just put this damn thing on. Because i i'm not having a good hair day so i'm a i wanted to just put this on. I had it in my office. These ads all over. So i can Not offend too many people. It does clash though. I got admit that

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