Leaving Your Comfort Zone With Helen Wu Of Asian Boss Girl

First of All


St helen. My darling are you your save time. Yeah we've got cousy by going eighth grade next week. So i'm ready for this. You're all said. I actually grabbed a pillow to while you grabbed one. I was like well. I have one year to might as well get comfy. It has been a year We're almost a year now. actually. I think arms. That's coming out at pretty much like the year. Marker can you believe us yeah of quarantine yes all of your what but yeah i am sorry. That's like all that occupies my mind still girl. Have you been recording so much that the student come up at the end of the year. I've not on that. I'm working on it But congratulations like this is the first time you've been on my show which i'm so excited because i know that you've been very busy and gone fulltime with asian girl and like all of that. It's amazing and i want to dive into all of that. Because when we last each other in person of those allies that we've bumped into each other since then but like we got like sit down and really talk. That was like at a off the mike event which was like lifetimes ago. Yeah yeah yeah. so how's it. it's i mean. Yeah that's been a long time ago. it's been good. I guess relatively good. It has been busy but you know with the whole. Kobe thing staying at home not being friends. I think miami someone who is a little bit more extroverted But i think. I'm going to be more introverted. Now with the the whole pandemic thing like i don't mind being home. I didn't hold dry. January and i was completely fine. I think it's mostly like the fomo aspect of it when you know you are at a party and you're not participating that's when the i struggle i've been doing okay with all of that you know since everybody's they're stuck in their corners. It's like it's actually. Yeah yeah yes january. I've never done that before thirty days of of just no alcohol and it feels good to be able to wake up early on a saturday and get shit done. Wow i'm totally random aside. I've noticed that. Friday nights. I go to sleep the earliest. Is that just me you like. I don't know why. Brian nights a few like just like mesh than with every other day of the week. I can't tell when it's a friday. I don't know got it. I was just like why is it. Why do i stay until like two. Am on tuesday. Wednesday whatever right and then. Friday night kicks around in like it's nine o'clock. I'm going to bed because you're tired if you've been sleeping at two. Am all the other days. You're tired by broadening sense. It's just the irony of like the one night that i mike. I can do whatever i want. Only old lady by the crane. I feel you on that. I've been on for a long time. It's nothing new. It's nothing now. But yeah okay. So i i know that there. There's a lot of listeners. Actually i found out that People listen to both of our podcast which is really exciting. And i've definitely intro you and job. 'cause i love doing that for all my guests. I'm everyone's hype woman Because i love all of you guys but how would you. What do you have like your elevator pitch down and before you actually give it. I wanna to do the caveat because you did a a new twenty twenty one episode with a b g that i happened to stumble upon. I was catching up on you guys ever and you mentioned in like your intentions for the year that you are like down to be another people show in that you had a lot of this Like discomfort with public speaking in your life coming to terms without amazing so i was Putting on this. And i'm putting that out there as i'm fully aware of that but i'm really proud of you. I think it's awesome. I'm curious like have you been working on your elevator pitch and like how you would intro your soft on being on another person's show oh man mintier. I'm like that i'm here. I i know. I know i know i do feel very comfortable on. Here's the thank you so much for being being such an amazing person in a hype woman. I really appreciate that But yeah i mean. I did mention this on our podcast. My elevator pitch for myself or for. Abd or yourself. Okay so my name. Is helen wu or now lou. Yes yes i. I am engaged though. I do plan to change my last name and keep my woo as part of my middle name so i will be helen. It's funny because my middle name is also my chinese name so the way in chinese is suna but going to spell it is s. e. e. y. a. h. cea wa. okay. It's gonna be helen via wu wang.

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