Torch relay among final hurdles for postponed Tokyo Olympics


So the olympics in the news japan has decided they're going to stage the olympics and the paralympics in tokyo without overseas spectators though due to public concern about coded and So they're gonna make the official decision by the end of march but looks like according to reports. It's a go and it's been postponed of course from last year. They're scheduled for july twenty third to august the eighth in the paralympics from Last last august into september the government had concluded welcoming fans from abroad would not be possible given public concern about the corona virus and the opening ceremony of the torch. Relay would also be held without spectators. Wonderful do the walk into the Stadium in the every athlete kind of jammed in Not sure about that but it is going to be interesting to see an olympics. Played out because this is such a the olympics. I know it's a private entity the international olympic committee. But it always has this feeling of humanity getting together and how what should humanity not doing right now more than anything else. And that's getting together

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