Love and Why Intimacy Matters


Love and why intimacy matters. What does intimacy matter when it comes to love. And what is intimacy while lemme. I look at how the dictionary defines intimacy. The oxford dictionary defines intimacy as close familiarity of friendship. A closeness togetherness there an affinity a report on attachment familiarity on the other hand intimacy also is defining terms other than just physical attachment in different specific types of intimacy. The first one is emotional. Intimacy the kind you have when you're able to share your feelings emotions and thoughts. Sometimes this can be hard to do our due to trust issues or how long you have known the person or if you're even someone who is able to share and be vulnerable to someone else. The second type of intimacy is intellectual intimacy. And this happens when you are able to talk about different points of view in topics without becoming. Oh creating conflict I think this is the achieved when both people in the relationship see themselves in as individuals with salad. Important points of view. The third type of intimacy is experiential. And this is where you begin to have certain experiences that become your own your memories together the things you have done together mid this is like when you look at a couple and you see them looking at each other and they have. That looked no worse. have to be spoken. Something about their journey has made them know each other well enough and it's a sharing that only they can understand. The fourth is a spiritual intimacy for some. It is the sharing of certain religious experiences. But also what would be considered spiritual such as yoga. Meditation quiet time together stargazing waiting for the sun to rise therefore into intimacy is important to love because in my opinion. Love has to have all this. This doesn't mean that every area is equally the same in every relationship and therefore love is not real. It's just means that we should be able to have at least some parts of each of these parts of intimacy in a loving and caring relationship. I believe that love is less than perfect and each of us are on a journey and that we can grow and learn from each other and that this is more or less how love works well for now remember that although life may bring you many storms love always

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