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S and China, issuing a joint statement the work on reducing emissions and a for global temperatures in the Paris agreement this following a meeting between special presidential climate envoy John Kerry and his Chinese counterpart earlier in the week, speaking in Seoul on Saturday, carry singled out China for its call use. Mine is the biggest biggest cold user in the world. And because it's such a big, powerful economy on country it needs to move. China hasn't confirmed. It's attending President Biden's virtual climate summit, which starts Thursday. You need Han ABC News on now for your latest traffic and weather together, I'm still seeing slow traffic headed in both directions near the Brent Spence Bridge. This is all of course due to the painting project. Other than that, I'm not seeing any other major accidents or delays at this time. But if you do see anything, just give us call it 4 to 1 63 97 Ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio. 700 wlw won't be as chilly tonight because we have some clouds around. We'll call it partly cloudy with a low of 40 More sunshine in store for you Monday, slightly above our seasonal averages. Well, so that means warmer the high 67 from your severe weather. Station. I'm nine first warning meteorologist Sherry Hughes News radio 700 wlw, The radars all clear, and it's currently 64 degrees here in Cincinnati. A man accused of shooting and killing three people in Austin, Texas, this morning is a former law enforcement detective. Travis County Sheriff's office has confirmed that 41 year old Steven Nicholas Broderick, is a former detective with their office

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