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A colleague, Fairfax County police say 58 year old Herring in Labor's body was found in a parking garage and Bailey's crossroads yesterday later in the day, 22 year Old Basin Barry hey, turned himself in. He's been charged with second degree murder. Police say Berhe stabbed and bludgeoned Leyva before the two went to work. Yesterday, Police found knives on a hammer at the scene. W M A L NEWS time is 804 now. W M a L traffic and weather from the Hadid carpet cleaning traffic center. Good evening. We're trying to recover from an incident on the capital Beltway where you want excess of caution is you're approaching Branch Avenue. We have an incident along your left sign. You'll be more stop to go with heavy delays to come from state run of this road. Also at a crawl on the Anacostia Freeway north bound through the road construction, sluggish for use your passing A works on between Malcolm X Avenue and

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