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I never really wanted to be a writer. And i was very much sat on a career in military medicine. It was only when i responded to at the british medical journal. Tv show in development was looking for medical advises that i kinda got switched onto the i dare of of making some kind of contribution. Welcome to working. I'm your host. Isaac butler and i'm your other host june thomas and that voice heard the top of the episode belongs to jed mercurio june. You spoke to jim mercurio. Who is he and why did you seek them out for the show so jeddah curio which is such a great name. I'm glad we get to say a whole bunch of times. Jeb mercurio jed. He is a british. Tv writer He made bodyguard. Which was well received on net flicks a couple of years ago but i especially love his show line of duty which by my lights is one of the best cop shows of the last decade or a little bit more There are no six seasons though only five heard in the us at this point which is causing some challenges for those of us who have techs chains with british people. Because all they want to talk about is line of duty and after lola but anyway i wanted to talk to him because he recently executive produced a show for the first time. That show was blood. Land which aired on the bbc in the uk and is now available on acorn tv here in the states and executive producer is one of those jobs that i'm always curious about so i wanted to learn more about what exactly he did on that project. So for people like me. Ignoramuses blood lands or line of duty. What should we know about him. Well the first thing to know is that there are police procedures which is shawna the i. I'm very fond of bloodlines. Set in northern ireland and the case that the first season follows is one that digs into the way that the troubles the sectarian conflict between catholics and protestants which was officially settled at the end of the one thousand nine hundred ninety s keeps resurfacing. And you know there are riots. Happening in belfast. Right now so obviously that is a real issue in the real world. Line of duty which i really recommend to anyone who hasn't seen you has even the vegas interesting cop shows it set in a police anti corruption unit. What a us cup show. We call internal affairs. And i will just note two of the basic ingredients that make it great. It is very twisty with huge book. Totally believable surprises being sprung on a regular basis and a lot of the action takes place in very realistic seeming police interviews now at sounds like and it could be very dough but mercurio is absolutely fantastic building tension into those conversations and he's clearly interested in what. The brits call bent coppers. So there's very little of the valorization of cops that we often see in. Us police procedural great and after discussion with jed. We've got a voicemail from friend of the program roxane gay with a bit of creative advice for our listeners and also i do believe if you're a slate plus. Ktar you get a little something extra with your episode this week right. You sure do yes. Members will hear jed mercurio thoughts about why algo lots of top british actors work in the us very few tv writers including the big stars crossed the atlantic to work on tv shows Well i mean if you can resist the appeal of that. I suppose you can resist the appeal of anything like ice cream. Sundaes or the delightful music of the bg's or

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