Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Who Keeps the $1M Ring?

Daily Pop


So let's talk about jalen era. They called off their wedding. But there are still so many questions. Like who gets to keep the ring at alex propose to jennifer back in two thousand nineteen with a stunning one million dollar engagement ring. So now they're visually over. So who gets one million dollars deadman. Oh wow that's a great question. where did they. Where did he proposed to her. Was dominican puerto rico. Each or something like it was on vacation right. Yeah so. I think that i think if they proposed if you proposed to her in the united states and they went to court over this ring. Then she'd probably have to give it that. Oh in most states but because they got engaged on a beach somewhere outside the us. I feel like they kind of get to decide what they want to do with it. I mean this is her fifth ring. I sleep shady jealous lasek. She's giving them back. Like i wonder if she had to give back. Remember that beautiful. Pink demand that ben gave her that was i think over a million dollars. Did she give that back. I don't know here's the thing. The sources are saying that a-rod still wants to be jennifer for arab is has high hopes are going to get back together. We'll do anything in his power to magento happy. So there's no way in hell. He is asking for that ring back when you want that girl back. You're like honey. You keep that you put somewhere safe. Because i'm really hoping one day you wanna wear it

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