Interview With Geoffrey Horrell From Refinitiv

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Welcome back listeners to humane podcast today. Bring to you jeff horrible. Who's the head of refinitiv labs from london. Within the london stock exchange group jeff and i have connected through refinitiv. Refinitiv is a global player in data. Api's and the alternative data space many of our listeners. Know that i'm very big. In both the fintech and the data space. I've actually attended with refinitiv their developer days in new york city as well as the open source strategy form where they participated with open source data science technology. Jeff thanks so much for joining us on the show. Thanks david great to be here while. I'm really excited to hear about where refinitiv is today. I know there's a lot of exciting changes in twenty twenty one. Can you t up for our audience. Where refinitiv is today. Refinitiv labs and your growth with the london stock exchange group. Yeah it's very interesting time. What you're seeing now is. We have refinitiv which was a global provider of data and workflow solutions. And as you said. Api and somebody really little reach developer community who wanted to get more data into their applications and drive you know their strategies within wealth management investment management your trading of risk these all these different sectors that were serving and then i guess there was an opportunity to come together with the london stock exchange group where the add an extra dimension to that data and workflow business where obviously people familiar with the london stock exchange running a venue so companies listed on the exchange trading on an exchange and a great demand for people to see. How can i access not just equity market like stock exchange group but also the fixed income trading market which actually refinitiv provides and fx trading marketplace which refinitiv provided slow. You can see these different elements come together. And then that's on the research your trade with the data trade on the market with those solutions

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