Wait, the Cocaine-Bear Movie Is Actually Called Cocaine Bear?


Is Johnny Cash, of course, and his song Cocaine blues in 1985 1 Bear had the cocaine blues and now it's gonna be a movie about it. Don't sound so bizarre. Elizabeth Banks is directing a movie called Cocaine Bear and then new film produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller is based on a true story of a Kentucky bear who died of a cocaine overdose in 1985 like a bear a real big a real bear. So what happens happened with the You know, the people who are carrying the drugs were in a plane. They dumped it, They don't the cocaine out of the plane. Then the guy tried to hop out of the PLO plant. Brother with a parachute tried to hop out, hit his head on the plane. So he died because he couldn't open his parachute. Meanwhile, this bear gets ahold of it eats the cocaine dies. They find the bear. They're trying to ferret. Why died, They figured it out. And they named him Pablo Escobar, and now he's on display. He's on display. So anyway, there's the whole movie for you. Yeah, that's a fascinating story. I'm not sure that's a 90 or 120 minute movie. We're gonna do it. I guess they're gonna be Oh, blow. Esca Bear. Look it.

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