The Microsoft Exchange hacks: How they started and where we are


How i navigated getting a job weaves atlassian And for those might not know. Atlassian is i- unicorn. Australian a tech company Very prominent so The set of mondale. So it's a great article and the the international women's day very much. Appreciate alice's tom coming on today. Today's insides alice. Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me great now. You wrote an article a post on link theme that grabbed my gives. You mind tanna Kudos for that because she locked it in It was tomorrow attention on lincoln. obviously And i think it's really important to share. Obviously this is part of international. Women's was trying to align with that. But there's a lot here so the unpack May be stop with how. I never got a getting a job. We've atlassian and sort of what motivated j. It's your story i. Ta joe The joke with atlassian. Clay was really about knowing their products having used them in the past saying the role come up having an israeli and check unical unicorn and their security journey as well. I was absolutely intrigued at to. What a software company Looks like in terms of their internal security and win these role popped up. It was actually in my group. That i'm hot. On linked in close trailing women insecurity network. I'm one of the league's over and so it was part of that group. That is on the job bro. Papa with. I was so excited as like music is a new role. It's a new tame as. I think i can do this. I think this would be one of those positions where i really make an impact in had value quickly being relatively new. Come up show you the security industry very good and it's there's a lot i mean. We won't even go into the we try to avoid the story of atlassian is that's a big big story. I'm pack their bags up new offices in in in sydney here as well i is that the wanting for you at all. Was that not a consideration. It was the atlassian story. Or were you thinking of getting out of it and coming to the east coast anyway. Well you have have. We accurate about the roughness island A stubby holder up the top there that there for my memory is being assessed boy but yes so. You're prepared to to move to this. This role yeah. I was one of the considerations that i had to tie it with a roll off in in sydney as things have evolved and his new project internally detained anywhere where our workforce of nearly five thousand across so many different times irons and There might working has really embedded ange. Now go to foam last how that can work and what best. It's really focused on the team. Coming together

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