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We are back we are doing a new segment where we bring on a small business owner so we can talk a little bit about their business about what they do. What kind of issues or problems. They've come up. Come against in starting in running a business. You know maybe business during kobe and whatever comes up and so right now we have with us gen from cranes critter care john. Thanks for joining us for the first small business segment. Thank you so much for inviting us into i actually chow four chinchilla friends with me this ursula one thing. That's a little bit different about further care. Is we go far beyond just captain dogs. We do all sorts of exotic whether it's earned small mammals sarmiento reptiles anything because we have so many people that have pets chats dogs in. I noticed when i was working at the ap l. That was a big issue. People were having was not being For anything other than just basing cat dog or if they had animal what medical issues. So that's one thing that Critter cares able to do is we can do animals with medical issues whether that be needing shots multiple times a day medications multiple times a day. We can do dogs or cats with behavioral issues. That could normally go to a kennel or normal. Dog sitter whether it be sonic stranger danger or anything bats. We also work with harder cheeses. I personally love the challenges in house. Seven years experience were sheltered in animals because training shelter. Animal is so much different than training in that. You thought from the pet store in today's nickel company though. It's just a little bit different methods of going about things but it's been really great overall. We've had to change a lot of cova right. And that's one thing. This kind of bennett trick is as cova comes up each month. We have to kind of a daft. Do whatever we see that customers are looking for whether if the people going out of town so that increase number of training sessions of we noticed people wanting more medical care people wanting more educational seminars. So whatever people are looking for cranes critter cares filling in that gap and just go with the flow of were covance. Add in what people are meeting with as far as animal care. So where would you say you start. Sounds like such an amazing and valiant effort that you're doing especially for individuals in the community. You're almost like an immeasurable acid because through You're still trying to push still trying to make sure that the animal care is first and foremost so what pushed you into his avenue this world so i actually started adding animal shelter as a veterinarian assistant. I was there for four years and then i switched to another shelter as their main foster four nader doing educational seminars. And that's one of the biggest issues i noticed was i was in the intake department where people would surrender. Animals in have issues in a big thing is lack of education whether it be their animal has issued. They don't know how to properly train or fix it. So then immediately playbay. Just surrender or their four hours a day. Don't have anyone to let them out in the they don't have time to have an animal or someone passed away or moved out there. Sheila left behind. They have no idea how to take care of. It can shallow surrender over and it's one of those things where the more education were able to provide the public a lot. More people keep animals in their homes. Take better care of their animals. It makes a better relationship between the owner of pet in more animals. Just stay healthy happy home. So it's a little bit of keeping animals out of the shelter keeping almond good conditions just for improve quality of life for everyone right. Yeah no so. I wanted to actually ask about something along those same lines. Since we've been going through cova. This is something that we touched on. In in one of my classes actually we were talking about Pharmaceuticals and medications for animals versus for people Was he was business of biology through. You're talking about big pharma quite a bit but you know one of the things that came up is that there's different right if you have a life threatening disease or disorder. You're probably more likely to get that medication than you would. For a life threatening disease or disorder for an animal or at least some people are so along those same lines of what you were talking about. One thing that i was hoping to kind of get out there. One thing i think that needs saying is i'm sure that lots of people bought a new animal because the kobe right. You're locked up. You're stuck at home. You need a buddy someone. Yeah but that said tat. I'm slightly concerned that we're gonna see a big christmas dump ejup fact at the end of covid right where everyone is like. Well now. we're back at work now. We're back at school now. We're busy now. We don't have any time and so well. We have to get rid of the animals. So i guess i wanted to kick it over to jenin. Just see what you thought about that. Do you think that phenomenon is going to happen once we quote unquote get back to normal and like what could you say to pet owners. That currently do have their pet that you know maybe thinking of doing something like that so i completely agree and that's something even when i felt the shelter we talked about with so many people now that they're working from home temporarily were adopting animals but they're not thinking in the future a lot of those times so that's one thing during summer especially i focused on was doing seminars in different on how to prevent separation anxiety. That's gonna be one of the issues as well with on people getting poppies. The puppies are missing to people being home all day leaving for maybe two hours tops and all of a sudden you're drastically or changing their schedule their way of life pretty much by being gone nine ten hours a day. That's going to have a lot of issues with separation. Anxiety being the biggest one and then i see a lot of people once that happens to run around to shelters reasonable surrender.

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