A Reminder of Spring: Winter Aconite

Plant Of The Week


Ac night is yellow now. It's yellow to where. If for cynthia was blooming beside at or above it. It would not be as bright but winner is nothing but dark. Green brown dirty looking leaves that this little fellows popping up through it at the point that it comes above the leaf which is probably only a quarter of an inch thick at this point. It's already flower as the little leaves pop up through and it standing. Maybe one inch tall. The the green splits back in the yellows there and where it is not the brightest of yellows. I don't think but hit a color chart even put at the same time when it's up against a bunch of sloppy looking stuff. It's fantastic and i just. I like to mention it each year because it's not so much the winner echinacea. It's it's what i call it. A little bows. And i'm not gonna get into all the kinds but we've already mentioned the snow drops. The hill hours of course is not a little leaf but the bulbs that we plant that are less than the size of your little finger tip that can be so bright and bushy in the spring this time of year It runs from here on and on and on there are some that. I don't even know that that can be very profuse Seen pictures of actually seen it in in life I'm going to call it a whole hillside now. I don't mean a mountain but a hillside that has light blue flowers on it that you can't even see what might be green grass and those things Lend life to me. It means we've turned another corner the subtle becoming before i get up to the time. It's just a happy time. So i mentioned winner echinacea as the plan of the week. But i'd i'd like to recommend simply all the little bolts now. You probably can't do much about it if you haven't already put them in the ground back in the fall but this coming fall. Make a note that For the corner a sidewalk even the cracks in the sidewalk in in bigger cracks under the edge of a shrub or between two shrubs. Plant not one. Because one's kind of inconspicuous and most of these other things but if you plan five or seven of them or or even more you get some color letting you know that it is going to come summer

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