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The papa that wha- what's been going on nothing much nothing much but everything got the same time it's been an absolute situation all over the planet feels like you know from mass shootings two. You know stuff. Going wrong with johnson and johnson stuff like just absolutely madness things but of course. There's no other to start. You know apart from things going on here in the uk that's concerning football considerably that has been a pretty For past couple weeks of couple days actually considering everything's been going on with the european super league development developments happening legitimately every single minute. It feels like i'm kind of glued to my twitter. Feed refreshing and following sir journalists are making sure. I'm kept abreast of what's going on checking soka suburb and stuff. Like just things have been going a hundred miles per hour by essentially. The crux of the issues is over the weekend. There was to be an announcement for the champions league reform. They were going to expand the champions league out two more teams. Of course some of the bigger size will of that actually against us because that would mean the pie would get split between more teams. Who necessarily the biggest draws let's say but then of course in terms of being a democratic cup tournament and allowing more teams play. Maybe opens up to more places. Mix into more of a spectacle at more fixtures. The game in it right governing bodies are going to want to have more features to play because they'll need to have more any potentials but then if you're a big club wanted cut of quote unquote top six clubs in the uk or top clubs in europe. You're probably not like the fact that you're having to split your pie with clubs like young boys shots at the next few drive. Keep the majority of it because people really know. Thomas see you play ramp. That's kinda preface writer. So there was always going to be a reaction against that but we don't we kind of assumed that they were going to flesh out a complete plan with a website. We've kind of bekker's already lined up and tell us what they do. You're being simply happened over the weekend and to counteract that a group of clubs i think at the moment is thirteen of them so far. or something Came together and basically put together a plan for the european super league which events with effectively would involve top. Six clubs here from the uk may nine also chelsea manning city also tottenham and considering a couple of teams effectively not from the rest of europe actually from two a but still the premise around. There was there's going to be this league system. Would these top european clubs. That's into replace champions league But in of course naturally champions league governing body were not four whatsoever and it kicks up a complete situation and basically fans in up complete uproar into what's going on sessions kind of quickly go over exactly what europeans do believe gives. Nothing give you some of my forces peden opinions around the on the other side. So what's happened. Twelve europeans leading for because of announced dave agree to establish a new mid competition. Do european separately governed by the founding clubs. The proposal involves the clubs forming their own competition to rival. Uefa champions league which comes volved the big six hundred mention plus ac milan after to madrid. Barcelona in Rubber trade and maybe some others considered maybe. Ps she continues on an by munich. I think i've extended invitation him. It continues Free clubs will join the head of the go season. Which according to clubs intended to commit as soon as practical German giant by munich. And dortmund do know included or no are champions prior german. It continues you. Why is this coming. But now the club's say that. The formation of the super league comes at a time when the global pandemic has accelerated instability of these european football economic muddle forever to for a number of years. The finding clubs have made the objective of improving the quality intensity extinct european competitions for each season and creating a former of top clubs and top player compeer regular basis so effectively what they basically proposing is basically saying that they would much rather have more games that feature rummaging liverpool as opposed to relive versus. Celtics something right. They want the big teams facing the team seasoning season out which then goes to show which where i think a lot of people who sailed some of the champions league raw draws a fixed either thinks so because i think if they could get away with ensuring more the bigger sites face each other they would but i think he just bawled integrity of the entire competition and the butane of romance of it is the fact that you know. Smaller clubs can face bigger clubs potential in one of competitions So i think that you know you have so little of this. Big games happening in some seasons depending on what goes on is kind of evidence that there's no as fast as people think they're maybe it's fixing to the league positions and stuff and and league's themselves because you look the german league by champions league literally every season that kind of stuff by tons of the drama to sure it continues. The pandemic was shown strategic vision. Sustainability commercial approach are required to enhance valiant support. The benefit of the entire european for payment have skype sports. Some news reporter says that he He has come about now for one reason. Only for one. He's only two reasons happening now. He says it's because of the pandemic francis at the biggest cubs. I've been hit. I've been saying can keep a i keep saying about money and if you look at the finances the club playing a champions league they make about fifty forty eight million a good year if they win it if they plane in us competition they get a check of two hundred fifty million two hundred million to begin with dead in the future.

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