Jake Paul Wins Latest Boxing Match in First Round Against Ben Askren


The fight last night. The trailer fight club is what Snoop Dog is calling it and I would literally I would play. Jake Paul knocks out An aspirin. Jake Paul is just that YouTube star who was like 15 million Instagram followers. Ben Aspirin is a former M M A fighter who I've never heard of before. And he made $500,000 for this fight against Jake Ball. $500,000. That's his biggest payday ever. And he's in his mid mid mid thirties like 35 36 something like that, right? Take Paul knocked about the first it was. I think it was 119 seconds under two minutes of the first round. I would play that we would play the play by play for you. Except it's nothing but F bombs. Take everything you think you think of her thought of in a boxing match and throw that the hell down out the window or down the toilet, flush it down the toilet. Snoop Dog and company are doing this broadcasters F bombs. There's profanity everywhere, so I wouldn't have. I think I'm gonna ask Anthony. You're James to try to try toe sensor that to get it on the air. We miss one and people get in trouble. All right, but people love

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